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Electrical wire is basicly a conductive metal wraped in a plastic insulation.

The most common metal used in electrical wire is copper SEE STEEL AND COPPER RECYCLING

Depending on the wire being recycled the conductor metal may also be aluminum, or sliver.

Aluminum conductor wire was popular in the 1970's when copper was at a premium SEE ALUMINUM RECYCLING

The plastic that surounds the wire is also valuable in large quantities SEE PLASTIC RECYCLING

There are millions of feet of scrap wire thrown into landfills every year by contractors, and auto recyclers. This material can be teadious to seperate and many companies that scrap this material don't have time to recycle it.

This is where you come in.

The equipment required to recycle electrical wire on a small to large scale varies greatly. But It can be as simple as a utility knife to a large scale granulation and eddy current seperator.

Some of the most cost effective machines for striping wire consist of motorized rollers and a blade to slice thru the insulation. There are a number of these on the market prices range from $150.00 - $5000.00 depending of capacity.

Large scale wire recyclers shred the whole wire then granulate it into small particles. After granulation the particles are fed thru eddy current seperators that remove the plastic from the copper. These systems can cost upwards of $300,000.00 or more and unless you can engineer and build it yourself, It's not usually an option for a small startup.

Some metal recyclers will also accept electrical wire with the insulation still in place. However the rate per pound reciaved for this material is usually about 50% less that bare material.