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Our goal is to provide useful information for the potential entrepreneur to both make money and help the environment.

You have been hearing of these evils in the news for decades Global Warming, The Energy Crisis, Deforestation, Strip Mining, Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Ground Contamination, and last but not least Limited Landfill Space.

Recycling can greatly help to reduce the impact of many of these problems. But on the flip side almost all materials that can be recycled can also make you a profit.

There are literally hundreds of profitable recycling opportunities out there, both for the part time enthusiast that just wants some extra cash, to the business savvy entrepreneur who's goal it is to make some serious income.

Lets start with a simple question where do consumer products come from?

Answer:  Raw Materials, steel, rubber, plastics, glass, wood, aluminum, copper, lead, platinum, gold, fiber,ect.

All of the above named materials are purchased in some shape or form from manufacturers to use in consumer products. The key to selling these materials to manufacturers is to break them down into a form that they will purchase.

In closing check out the many opportunities available there is a good chance there is a market for you.

Recycling equipment and proccess is my specialty, and I welcome opinions and new ideas to post on the site. 

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