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Consumer electronics include televisions, computers, video game consoles, vcr's, dvd players, monitors, cell phones, printers, stereo equipment, ect.

All of the above listed items contain recyclable plastics see plastic recyclingcopper wire see electric wire recycling , and in some cases batteries see battery recycling .

There is legislation that will be going into effect in 2009 mandated by the FCC that all broadcast television signals will have to be in high definition. It's yet to be seen but some theorize that millions of tv's will be discarded. this opens up a huge problem disposing of millions of potentialy toxic crt tubes. There are a few companies currently producing machines to dispose of them, but not enough to cover the demand. This is a great opportunity to get into this business early.

Also another great product to recycle is Cell Phones.

Working or not they are worth money. There are a number of companies that will actually purchase these from you.

Computers are another great market to get into not just from a raw materials standpoint, but many scrap computers still contain reusable parts such as power supplies, cd drives, processors, hard disks ect. That can be easily resold on Online Auction sites for a profit.

Also there are companies that will purchase the mother boards in bulk, in order to process the Gold, platinum, and copper from them. This also holds true for most consumer electronics.

The great thing about this is most of the work can be done efficiantly with simple hand tools.

A good dualshaft shredder and magnetic seperator can make this even more efficient and profitable.